removable Battery

up to 45 Km autonomy

POWER in you hands

350 Watt for 32 Km/h


Curvilinear aeronautical aluminium frame

Your SAFETY comes first

Triple Braking system

without compromises

10'' Air tyres

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Nexity electric scooter with removable battery


All Nexity™️ Sonic scooters are equipped with Panasonic®️ genuine super-charged cells battery for incredible long-range rides: no compromise with unbranded & unsafe stuff. Detach it and recharge it where you want without the need to take the Scooter with you!

This is what we mean for "Superior Quality".

Nexity escooter with removable battery


We have developed the first gen 2.0 intelligent moped: the BMS processor  (intelligent Battery Management System) is able to maximise battery duration, easy riding or pure performance by simply pressing the Ride Mode button.

No other eScooter can do this: enjoy your ride without being scared of "empty battery"!

Nexity e-scooter with removable battery


Nexity™️ Sonic is the only urban commuting scooter in the market offering 3 braking systems in parallel: hand leverage, foot pad and electronic ABS (regenerative engine, as in Formula 1), assisted by three blinking stylish red led lights.

Because your safety is not a "negotiable" matter.

Nexity escooted with removable battery


Despite heavy marketing campaigns, most other Scooters have just a fraction of Nexity™ Sonic's power. Our next-generation brushless engine counts on 350 Watt power (with a peak power of 700 W): it can climb up to 15° inclination with 100 Kg max weight.

Any challenge from the other "mega brand" is welcome!

Nexity city scooter with removable battery


Some scooters try to be different with airless+ suspensions, others opted for cost-saving with 8,5'' wheels. At Nexity™️ we chose a simple "no compromises" design strategy to ensure the best riding experience: with real automotive tread compound on our Sonic mopeds: 10'' air pressured wheels.

Enjoy the smoothest and safest ride ever!

Nexity electric scooter for adults with removable battery


We challenged our Engineers to make "everything under control within 5 cm". And thy did it! Cruise control, 3 Riding modes, Battery level. Nexity™️ eScooters are practical and ergonomic: nothing more and nothing less to make your city commuting always under control.

Be ready to get surprised when you check our competitors!

Nexity escooter for adults with removable battery


We designed our batteries to stay in the upper part of the scooter: up there they are protected by any shock and splash. And we rised the engineering challenge by getting IP54 waterproof certification to ensure safe rides even in storms or just to clean your moped with a Karcher without any surprise.

Nexity™️: Simply indestructible!

Nexity escooted dor adults with removable battery


Look how beautiful is Nexity™️'s aeronautical aluminum frame: no nasty weldings around, no multiple wirings here and there, just a nicely curved foot platform. And what about the massive braking disk or the integrated LEDs in both the steering bar and back fender? 

Nexity e-scooter for adults with removable battery


At Nexity™️ we take seriously your trust in our electric scooters. We know you invested your money buying our scooter to improve your life, so you deserve our best attention. Perfection does not exist, so (in the rare case of a problem) we are here to help you.

Write, call or chat with us: we are here to help you!

Modern Luxury Meets Sustainability

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The first scooter in the world with genuine


Nexity™ Sonic runs only with genuine Panasonic®️ Li-Ion cell batteries. Detach the whole battery and recharge it where you want: real long-range riding, true smart handling, easy life everywhere!

Beware of Clones!

Nexity™ is officially registered trademark using only top-quality & certified materials.
Only Nexity™ has all the Certifications which guarantee that your scooter is safe and reliable:

Nexity escooted
Nexity escooted
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