Monopattino elettrico nexity a lunga autonomoa batteria estraibile anti pioggia ruote da 10 veloce motore 350 W

Electric Scooters


    Do you want to know why Nexity is the Porsche of scooters? If you take 2' to read below, you'll discover it. 

    ✅  REMOVABLE BATTERY: Those who have tried it can confirm it: the removable battery is a huge convenience. It means not leaving it to run out on board the scooter in cold garages, it means being able to have more than one to double the autonomy, it means only changing the battery instead of throwing the whole scooter away when it reaches the end of its useful life.

      PANASONIC QUALITY: The 40 Li-Ion cells of the original Panasonic removable battery of the Nexity Sonic (pay attention to the clones, check the capacity in Ah) guarantee a capacity of 12.8 Ah (460 Wh), which translates into 48 km of autonomy for X8 Sonic scooter. It is true, there are many, but all the manufacturers (including us) carry out tests at 10 km / h, with a 70 kg driver, on a flat road at 25 ° C, without ever braking. Well, none of us will ever drive like this, so it's honest to admit that the real range (on any scooter) must be reduced by at least 33% compared to the theoretical figure. That said, the Nexity Sonic still grinds a long way with just 1 charge. And you can always double your range by taking a second battery with you!

      TOP PERFORMANCES: your Nexity Sonic offers you endless driving combinations. It has 3 Riding Modes to adapt to your needs with the push of a finger. Pedestrian: 10 Km/hand minimum acceleration, to allow you to move easily in pedestrian areas in compliance with the Laws. Eco: 15 Km/h and soft acceleration, to drive safely even in the most chaotic traffic. Sport: 20, 25 or 32 Km/h (your choice) of maximum speed and burning acceleration. Exactly, 32 Km/h of maximum speed. If you love speed and strong sensations, your Nexity Sonic allows you to go where 99% of other scooters cannot go (remember that in open roads the limit to be respected is 25 Km/h!). 5 Menu programs will allow to customize your Nexity as a second skin around you!
      ENGINE MANAGEMENT CHIP 2.0: on all the Nexities 2021 there is the new'Intelligent BMS' chip version 2.0, which really has a very important function, that is, it allows you to always avoid overheating of the battery even in conditions of aggressive use. That is, the Intelligent BMS subtly and progressively reduces the power delivered to maximize battery performance and life. A nice security. In addition, if you reach 20% of the remaining charge, the chip intervenes again by lowering the maximum speed to 10 Km/h and acceleration to a minimum, with the aim of doubling the distance that can still be traveled and always taking us home.

      UNBEATABLE COMFORT: Let's talk about the air wheels vs. solid wheels. It seems incredible that solid wheels are still in use (even in mini 8.5 "or 9" versions). If it was the solution to punctures, why doesn't anyone use solid wheels on bicycles, scooters, motorcycles and cars? Simple: they are dangerous (but they cost very little)! The Nexity Sonic is fitted with 10" oversized air tires in anti-burst automotive compound. The air tire, when correctly inflated (2.5 Bar), offers incredible comfort, adapting perfectly to any unevenness of the terrain, which guarantees even shorter braking distances(up to 35% less!) a perfect grip even in humid or wet conditions, and a truly incredible shock absorbing capacity.

      TOP SAFETY: All the Nexity Sonic electric scooters are equipped with 3 braking systems. An oversized steel disk on the back wheel, and electronic ABS on the front wheel activated in parallel with the disk to perfectly balance the scooter and an emergency back pedal pad integrated in the back fender.

    Finally, some ask us "why is there no App?". We had it but, listening to the feedback from many scooter riders, we removed it. Exactly like on the best eBikes and eScooters, even on the Nexity Sonic (2021 models) the App is no longer there: it is useless to replicate the data already on the LCD on the mobile phone, it is dangerous to insert motor-blocks that can no longer be eliminated as soon as the app goes into error or not it updates more on the new smartphone. There are more disadvantages than advantages, so room for practicality!