Validity The Right of Withdrawal (Return) is reserved exclusively for consumers (natural persons who purchase goods not for purposes related to their professional, commercial or entrepreneurial activity), therefore it cannot be exercised by legal persons and natural persons acting for purposes related to the professionally carried out. Having satisfied the above conditions based on the provisions of art. 1373 of the Civil Code, the customer is given the right to withdraw from the contract: this right can be exercised as long as the contract has not had a principle of execution, that is: THE PRODUCTS MUST BE RETURNED IN THE SAME CONDITION IN WHICH THEY WERE DELIVERED. ITEMS PURCHASED AS NEW MUST BE RETURNED INTACT, NOT USED OR DAMAGED. Opening the product and its possible use invalidate the Customer's Right of Withdrawal. The costs of returning the product are charged to the customer, who has a period of 14 (fourteen) days from receipt of the products to withdraw. Procedure The withdrawal period ends after 14 (fourteen) days from receipt of the goods or, in the case of services, from the conclusion of the contract. Within this period, the Customer must notify Crystal ITG of the desire to withdraw from the contract by sending a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the following address: Crystal ITG SIA Jana Asara iela 12 LV-3001 Jelgava LATVIA Within 5 (five) working days of receipt of the notice of withdrawal, Crystal ITG will send the Customer, to the e-mail address indicated in the order or in the request for withdrawal, the Return Authorization Number (NAR) which will identify the practice. Within 7 (seven) days of receipt of the Return Authorization Number (NAR), the Customer will, at his own expense, ship the product carefully packaged, indicating on the packaging the Return Authorization Number (NAR) attributed by Crystal, to the following address: Crystal ITG SIA c / o EOL SpA Via Dante Alighieri 144 20096 Pioltello (MI) ITALY Within 7 (seven) days of receipt of the returned product, Crystal ITG must notify the customer of the verification: if positive (new product and original packaging unopened), the same will issue the refund net of shipping costs ( both sending and returning) within 48 hours of the message. In case of shipment of an open and / or used product and / or with non-original or pared packaging, Crystal ITG will store (at the customer's expense) the product in a specific area of ​​its warehouse for 1 (one) month in order to allow to the Customer the recovery of the product. Beyond this term Crystal ITG reserves the right to destroy or recycle the product no longer withdrawn.

I Fondatori


Il design di prodotti ed accessori è suo. Linda sa come interfacciarsi coi produttori ed aggiungere quel tocco di classe che differenzia un pò tutti i prodotti Nexity. Devo essere performanti, eleganti, funzionali, se no non se ne fa niente.

Nexity emobility scooter


Ha pensato Nexity sin dalle fondamenta e con Linda ed Arturs ha creato il brand, trovato i fornitori, strutturato i processi ed aperto i canali di vendita. Oggi si occupa della parte Commerciale e Amministrativa dell'azienda.


Se resiste ad Arturs, allora va bene x tutti! Arturs si occupa del Marketing ma anche di testare tutti i nuovi prodotti, che poi ottimizza con l'aiuto di Linda e promuovo con campagne social e di advertising mirate.