We all love moving around, but we also realised that we had to begin to do it in a more ecological style and, when necessary (for work) stopping to waste our free time for nothing.

We spent long years of our lives in frustrating heavy traffic and overcrowded public transportations: urban commuting has always been a nightmare, honestly speaking! We all missed important meetings, got grease on our trousers, and sweaty looks when we lugged our bikes on the train, sacrificing hours of free time just on going to the office and coming back to home. We paid horrible parking fees and fines and pulled our hair out waiting at empty electric scooter sharing stations. Because, in the beginning, we liked the sharing system, until they started to let us down: never where we needed them, rarely enough charged or safely working.

Then arrived the first generation of mobility scooters: Segway, Xiaomi, Unagi, Levy and a bunch of others. Nice tools, we also used and liked them, understanding that the moped was the final solution to all of our frustrations about city commuting. But something was always missing to make them the perfect solution as personal mobility device.

At that point came the crucial questions: what are users thinking and expecting from an about electric scooter? What would they like to have in their hands on a daily basis? How would they improve even the best in class?

We began to collect the answers, and Nexity™️ project started to arise: from Customers’ needs perspective, we started to design the Sonic Scooter concept pillars. The next generation of electric scooters had to be safer, with longer autonomy, practical to use in everyday life, easier to charge, and more comfortable to ride. A “mission impossible”? Not exactly, just deep design (Linda), hard engineering (Stefano) until the best possible solution was reached. It was spring 2020, the birth of Nexity™️ Sonic scooters had arisen.

As soon as the first electric Scooter had been received in our EU facilities, we immediately began to select and introduce other ancillary products, enriching Nexity’s portfolio with premium accessories capable of consolidating our positioning as a point of reference in the “sustainable city commuting” market. Today Nexity™ is still a very young, but vital multinational reality that faces with enthusiasm and leading products in the sustainable city commuting, thanks to an innovative capacity and speed that only the new generation companies know how to develop.

Linda - Design Director

Linda simply loves stylish things. No compromises for her: she just wanted the coolest look for Nexity stuff: from Scooters to Fashion she daily scouts for new products and inspires engineers and production with her professional draft designs. And if the final prototype is not as good as her ideas, simply it does not go to production! A real nightmare for Stefano and Arturs!

Nexity emobility scooter

Stefano - Managing Director

Stefano is Nexity's visionary Team Leader, but also has the critical role to transform into sellable products Linda's sketches and business development researches, so that they not only look cool, but also safe, performing, reliable. An MSc in Engineering and an MBA "cum laude" ensure that everything Stefano approves is on the market edge as "the best possible"! He's a true connector between Linda's desires and Arturs' reality checks, but a very "pragmatic" and inspiring leader too.

Arturs - Marketing Director

Arturs is the Team's Millennial: Social networks and Marketing expert. He takes care of everything online and not only! If it resists to Arturs' testing, then it's indestructible! He strictly works withStefano till functionality is aligned with economic and engineering feasibility and hopefully also with Linda's design!


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