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Nexity™️ Sonic mopeds are covered by the most protective warranty policy possible, the EU standard warranty for electronic devices. This means 2 years warranty for the whole scooter, excluding the battery, which runs under six months period of warranty. Click on the Warranty link to go to the dedicated page

We protect you against defects in materials and workmanship when used under normal conditions including battery related problems. Nonetheless we remind you that the warranty will not cover:

Cosmetic damage - scratches, dents and broken plastic unless failure has occurred due to a defect in materials. Damages caused by accident, abuse, misuse, fire, liquid contact.

This limited warranty is valid only for the original purchaser of a product, and it cannot be transferred to another person upon the sale, lease, or transfer of the product.

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Online orders can be returned for a full refund within the first 7 (seven) days from the purchase date. Restocking Fee's may apply, and buyer will be responsible for return shipping costs.

All refunds will be issued by Crystal ITG SIA (owner of Nexity trade mark) and will be credited back to the original payment method used on your purchase.

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Depending from where you bought you should first contact your seller. In case you need to contact Nexity™️ Scooters company (Crystal ITG SIA) you have four systems:

just drop us an email ( chat on this website give us a call from 9:00 till 17:00 CET to +39 800 146 900 or use the direct message module following the link.

In the US and Europe a driver’s license is not currently required to ride our electric scooters, which are intended for use in bike lanes or city roads and not major highways. 

Some Countries however, may impose also age restrictions for operating these types mopeds. New York, for example, requires that riders must be over the age of 16, In Europe you must be older than 14 and use a helmet as long as you are under age. 

In any case please check with your local jurisdiction for the latest age and helmet requirements for operating these scooters. 

The short answer is: it depends. Most Countries allow the use of electric scooters on public roads with bike lanes, but you should definitively check with your local Department of Transportation as it can be city or Country specific.

In states like California, the use of electric scooters is legal permitting a max speed of 15 mph, in Italy 25 Km/h and 6 Km/h in walking areas, in Germany 20 Km/h, etc…. . It's important to note that the Nexity Sonic scooters are capable of speeds well beyond these limits, so you should be careful to change driving modes when operating based on local laws.

How to use your Nexity™️ Sonic

Setting up your scooter only takes 3' minutes once your package has arrived. You can watch this video or follow these instructions:

1) The handle grips will need to be screwed in;  each side is marked appropriately.

2) The handbrake will need to be tightened to the steering column. There is a small hexagonal key included to do this.

3) The tires should be topped off to the appropriate PSI. Pneumatic tires can loose pressure while in transit.  For the best riding experience and to prevent flats -inflate between 35 PSI = 2,4 Bar. A normal bike pump is the only thing you need. Beware that your Nexity™️ Sonic has travelled by truck, sea, air, so valves within the tyre can be stuck, so gently press them to re-engage them correctly.

4) Before starting to ride unfold up the scooter and lock it into place using the metal latch, and slide the plastic clip over top to secure it in place. 

The battery should come with a 60% charge, so you'll be ready for a test ride as soon as it's unboxed and set up. Of course, as any rechargeable battery, best option is ti fully charge before riding and go to 30% residual charge before recharging, thus allowing the battery to go for better lifecycle management (= duration).

Nexity™️ Sonic has a double security system to open and rotate back or forward your moped. To open just turn clockwise the security latch, then lower the mini handle. At this point you can lower the steering column until you click it onto the rear fender.

To put it back in riding mode, just release gently from the fender, pull up the steering column till it’s perfectly aligned to the lower part, pull up the mini handle and finally secure it by turning anti-clock-wise the security ring.

You can also watch this video about Assembling your Nexity™️ Sonic mobility device.

Press the power button located on the accelerator for 2 seconds to engage the electronics (and also to turn off when you'll need it). Your Nexity™️ Sonic is now ready to go.

ATTENTION: at 1st start the riding mode is set to SPORT, so no speed limit! Change the riding mode to Beginner or Eco as by your need and riding experience: read how-to in the following paragraphs.

REMEMBER to kick-push the scooter first: it needs to be moving at greater than 4 Km/h (2 Mph) before the motor engages. This is a feature is meant to preserve the battery life of the scooter and can be optionally turned off (check how in Technical personalisation paragraph here below) or watch this video

Each Nexity™️ Sonic electric scooter is capable of speeds up to 32 Km/h (20 mph). Maximum speed anyway can vary depending on rider weight and surface incline.  Our rated speeds are based on a 77 Kg (170 lb) rider operating the scooter on a flat, paved surface.  

The speed cap comes unrestricted on each scooter, meaning there is no way to upgrade or modify the firmware to increase the speed limit. You can, however, reduce the maximum speed by following instructions of the next paragraph (Technical personalisation). 

Limiting your speed enhances rider safety and extends the range of your battery. You can choose two ways to control the Nexity™️ Sonic’s maximum speed: Riding Mode and Speed Limit. To better understand differences between the two options, you can watch this video or follow these instructions. 

A) Riding Mode. It sets max speed and also activates the intelligent BMS system (including accelration control) for best Battery Lifecycle Management: useful shortcut for easy switching riding style while riding without having to enter Menu settings. Simply press the Menu button pressing to toggle through the options. The Riding Modes are:

* Beginner (no D symbol in LCD screen): 11 Km/h = 7 mph limit + slow acceleration

* Eco (gray D symbol in LCD): 20 Km/h = 12,5 mph limit + mid acceleration

* Sport (red D symbol in LCD screen): 32 Km/h = 20 mph + strong acceleration as by 1st start of your eScooter. In case you set a Speed limit in menu Settings (P4 program), this limit will apply just to Sport Mode max speed, of course.

To have the most flexibility with your riding mode, just set once the P4 function to FF in Menu settings and then simply select via Menu button the riding mode you prefer, even when riding (example: to preserve battery and enhance autonomy). 

B) P4 function in Settings (by accessing and selecting Menu Settings).This is the case when you want to limit the max speed even if the riders selects Sport mode (e.g.: children usage, local laws, etc...). This means that this function simply works for the most aggressive riding mode (Sport), while other riding modes already have their own lower speed limits embedded.

The Maximum speed-limit setting (P4 function) are:

* FF (full-function): 32 Km/h (or 20 mph)

* 25 Km/h: (or 15.5 mph)

* 20 Km/h: (or 12.5 mph)

As you can see, in the end with FF you have a Sport mode with  unlimited speed, with 25, a speed limit worth 25 Km/h, with 20, a speed limit for sport equal to speed limit in Eco mode (20 Km/h), but better acceleration.

The distance you can reasonably cover, provided you have fully charged your battery, is influenced by many factors, including: max speed, load weight, external temperature, how steady is your cruising, road inclination, etc.... Said this you can check by clicking the links how much can your X7 Sonic or your X8 Sonic go far away: best measurements witnessed 25 Km (13 Miles) and 45 Km (21 Miles) respectively for X7 and X8.

Remember that the Nexity™️ Sonic is the only scooter in the market allowing you to change battery in 10'', so you can easily bring a second battery with you if you think to ride really long.

Our Nexity™️ scooter have 3 braking mechanisms. An electronic ABS (regenerative brake, same as in Formula 1) in the front wheel, a mechanical disk brake on the rear wheel and a foot brake on the rear wheel that can be activated by pushing on the wheel fender.

The electronic ABS on the Nexity™️ Sonic electric scooter works in unison with the rear disc brake.  When the hand brake is squeezed, there is an electronic sensor that activates the regenerative e-ABS in the front hub motor at the same time the disc brake is activated. 

While the stopping power is much lower on the e-brake, you can sense it's activation by lightly applying pressure to the hand brake.  

The Nexity™️ Sonic scooter has an IP54 waterproof certification.  The scooter can withstand light to heavy rain with no damage to the electronics. Riding through puddles up to a few centimeters would be safe given that the battery and core electronics are both located above the wheel of the scooter, versus most scooters that have the battery installed under the floorboard. 

Leaving the scooter in the rain would be okay, however to prevent rust and premature ageing of the scooter we would recommend that it's always kept indoors. 

While the Nexity™️ Sonic's pneumatic tires provide better wet surface traction than scooters with solid tires, please be sure to exercise caution when riding in the rain. Visibility can be reduced and there is a higher likelihood of skidding or slipping off the scooter. 

All Nexity™️ Sonic mobility device has an upper limit of 15°. Anyway we recommend not attempting to ride long distances above a 10° to prevent damage to the electric engine.

Battery packs of both X7 Sonic and X8 Sonic can be charged outside of the scooter, as they contain a separate charging port on the casing of the battery.  The cases themselves are fireproof and waterproof: do not attempt to open them for whatever reason.

You can watch this video or follow these instructions.

On Nexity™️ X7 Sonic just release the upper cap by turning it anti-clockwise, lift he silicon cap and extract the battery. On Nexity™️ X8 Sonic just release the security holder on top pf the battery and pull it out gently.

You can charge any Nexity™️ Sonic battery both onboard your scooter or in stand-alone mode, by releasing them and taking them where you want, making our mopeds the most cosy and cool in the market.

If you are in search of extra range, you can carry a second battery with you and simply swap them when necessary.

All Nexity™️ Sonic batteries contain a Battery Management System (BMS) within the pack that prevents overcharging of the lithium-ion cells.  If you leave your battery charging overnight after it has reached 100%, the system will automatically stop providing charge to the battery cells. 

However, we recommend not to frequently leave your battery plugged in for long periods of time past full charge as this can increase strain on the BMS itself. 

X7 Sonic will charge from zero to full in about 3-4 hours, while X8 Sonic in 5-7 hours, The indicator light will change to green as soon as the battery is fully charged and will prevent overcharging, but it is generally advisable to disconnect the charger after completion.

You can either charge through a port on the scooter, or directly through a second port on the battery if charging externally (for a 2nd battery pack).

In any case we recommend also to avoid full discharge of your battery to prevent any damage to its lifecycle.

To buy your second battery pack click here.

To lock your electric scooters, we recommend purchasing a U-lock or a flexible lock. The U-lock can be looped around the fork of the scooter (below the folding stem) and secured to a bike rack or other fixed object. The flexible lock can go through the rear wheel and again secured to a bike rack or other fixed object.

Please be mindful that any lock, no matter how strong of a material it is made of, is usually able to be cut through with the right tools. To avoid theft, we usually recommend that our customers don't leave their scooters unattended for long periods of time, even when locked.  

Yes, when the scooter is turned off the motor is fully disengaged and the scooter can be safely ridden as a manual kick-push scooter.  

Simply double press rapidly the menu button when the escooter is powered on for both turning on and turning off your led lights (front and back always work together).

Technical personalisation

Any Nexity™️ Sonic’s LCD Display console lets you control all of the scooter’s functions. Access you Settings via the Power and Menu buttons on the throttle. Use these buttons to power on/off the scooter, move through the Menu options, and select your settings.

You can watch this video or follow these instructions.

The Settings menu is organised into 5 categories: 

* P0 = Kilometers per hour/Miles per hour setting (0=Km/h, 1=mph)

* P1 = Cruise-control setting (0=off, 1=on)

* P2 = Kick-push setting (0=off,  1=on)

* P3 = Controller-output setting: Pre-set based on 8” or 10” wheel size – Do not change it!

*P4 = Maximum speed-limit setting for Sport Mode (FF=full-function = 18 mph / 32 Km/h if not locked); 25 = 25 Km/h / 15.5 mph (this value equals the FF value if your sonic has been factory preset to this speed); 20 = 20 Km/h / 13.5 mph).

To select your desired settings, first enter Menu mode by pressing the Power and Menu buttons simultaneously. You’ll see P0 on the LDC display when you do. To enter the P0 menu-settings category, press the Power button. Then press the Menu button to toggle to either 0 or 1 (Km/h or mph). Then press the Power Button to confirm your choice and exit P0. (You’ll see P0 again on the display.) To toggle through the remaining menu-settings categories (P1, P2, P3, P4), press the Menu button. When you arrive at the desired category, repeat the same process: press the Power button to enter that category, press the Menu button to toggle through the options and select. Press the Power Button to confirm your choice and exit the category.

To exit Menu mode when you’re done selecting your desired settings, press the Power and Menu buttons simultaneously (same operation done to enter). You’re now ready to begin riding. Click here to get to Menu Setting explanatory chart.

You can watch this video or follow these instructions.

Cruise Control Setting Key: P1

On = 1

Off = 0

1) With the scooter turned on, hold down the Menu & Power buttons at the same time.  The characters "P0" will be displayed. 

2) Press the Menu button once more to change to the P1 setting (Cruise Control)

3) Press the Power button edit this setting

4) Click the menu button to toggle cruise control on/off

5) Press the power button to save your changes

6) Press the Menu & Power buttons at the same time to exit set up mode.

You can watch this video or follow these instructions.

Kick Push to Start Setting Key: P2

On = 1

Off = 0

1) With the scooter turned on, hold down the Menu & Power buttons at the same time.

2) Press the menu button until the P2 setting is displayed.

3) Press the Power button to edit settings

4) Toggle to "0" using the Menu button to turn the setting off. Toggle to "1" to turn it back on.

5) Press the Menu & Power buttons at the same time to exit set up mode.


* Please note that disabling this feature can reduce the battery life / range on your scooter since starting from a standstill requires extra power consumption. 

You can watch this video or follow these instructions.

Unit of Measure Setting Key: P0

Mph = 1

Km/h = 0

1) With the scooter turned on, hold down the Menu & Power buttons at the same time.

2) The setting P0 will come up, which controls the setting for mph - Km/h.

3) Press the Power button to edit settings

4) Toggle to "1" using the Menu button to change to Mph. Or, toggle to "0" to change to Km/h.

5) Press the Menu & Power buttons at the same time to exit set up mode.

Performance questions

The maximum range on the X7 Sonic is approximately 25 Km (45 Km for X8 Sonic) when measured in the following conditions: a weight range between 70-80 Kg, 25ºC of temperature, flat road without strong winds, with an average speed of 20 Km/h. The results may vary according to different loads, temperatures, wind speed, and usage habits.

Stop-and-go city riding can reduce the range of the battery, especially when operating at top speeds.  Expect the realistic range to be closer to 12-15 Km (25-30 Km for X8 Sonic) in scenarios like this. Riding in conditions that include frequent inclines can further reduce the total range of the scooter.  

Our stated weight limit on the electric scooters is 100 Kg (230 lbs), however we do have plenty of riders that are above that limit and the only concern would be a slightly reduced speed / range, and less acceleration going up inclines. 

Other than that, we strongly recommend not to ride in 2 persons: it will be against the laws, cause instability and put at risk your safety due to overweight on frame and tires, not to mention additional stress to engine and brakes.

Overweight is the most typical cause of damages. In case of Warranty activation, we reserve the right to verify, even using the internal circuits data, if there has been an improper usage as above mentioned, thus nullify the warranty itself.

To turn on the lights, double tap the menu button on the throttle.  Double tapping again will turn them off.

Please note, the blinking taillight will always be activated as a safety feature even if riding during the day.

As an average value we can say that after that 500 charges/discharge cycles, your battery performance will drop to around 80% of its original capacity. Remember that this value can greatly vary due to usage conditions such as correct charging, average speed and steadiness in riding, weight carried, operating temperature, correct storage/maintenance, etc…

In case you want to buy a new genuine Panasonic battery, follow this link.

The apps from competitors just replicate the data that you can easily find on Nexity™️ Sonic’s LCD display. Even the functions such as changing settings or speed control are easily settable via the commands, so we decided to make it simpler and easier: no app with replicated function (if not dangerous in case of use while riding).

You can install a lot of cool accessories to personalize your Nexity™️ Sonic scooter, provided it does not interfere with your safe riding: stickers, wrapping, bags, seat, mirror, extra lights, smartphone holder, etc…

Check out our original accessories following this link: this stuff has been tested and approved by Nexity™️ testers, so you are 100% sure it is safe.

As any successful product, unfortunately the market is full of clones and counterfeits. In order to avoid bad surprises we strongly suggest to buy only from Authorized Online Marketplaces (,, or local Dealers which can expose their authentic dealership diploma and Nexity™️ original stickers. In case you are interested in a 2nd hand scooter and you are not sure if it’s genuine, write us with the serial nr. Under the footpad, we’ll reply to you with a YES or NO.

Like any mobility device, also our electric scooter requires periodic maintenance to ensure it is running properly and to prolong its lifespan.

You can watch this video or follow these instructions.

First step to go through is to use a damp piece of old clothes and wipe the entire electric scooter. Inspect everything and search for potential problems.

The most important task is to regularly check your tires to make sure they are properly inflated to at least 35 PSI = 2,4 Bar.  Riding on low pressure is the most common cause for flats, leaks, and damage to the tire of the scooter.  We recommend checking the tire pressure at least once per week, similar to a frequently used bicycle. 

A less common maintenance task will be adjusting the brakes, whenever they start to feel loose or out of alignment. It's also important to keep the brake lines clean of debris and regularly lubricated to prevent corrosion if you are riding in wet environments (rain / snow).  

In case the temperature of the battery is below 0° Celsius or 32° Fahrenheit, do not charge it! Take it in a warm place, wait till it reaches room temperature and then proceed to the recharge.

If you don't plan on using the scooter for more than 3 months just load the battery at 60% (not 100%): this will give best voltage to prolong its lifespan.

Maintenance & Transportation

Your Nexity™️ Sonic scooter is IP54 waterproof certified, so this means that it can go under rain and through water splashes. Also washing with water pressurized jets is possible. Of course, same as for motorbikes, do not directly address the water-jet on bearings, cables and engines.

First step to go through is to use a damp piece of old clothes and wipe the entire electric scooter. Inspect everything and search for potential problems. If everything is fine then take your water pipe or jet and make it wet.

In case you want to use some soap, be sure to select same cleaners suggested to wash cars and motorbikes, preferably biodegradable. Do not address directly the water jet on bearings battery caps and electrical connections!

After the washing be sure to dry any surface, including bake pad, testing the scooter in a secure space before riding it in public areas. Eventually you can also use special sprays that prevent corrosion of metal parts and electrical wiring.

First clean your scooter and check that everything is ok: no dust, moisture nor cracks. The next thing you need to apply is to charge your battery it between 50%-70%, this insuring the perfect storage voltage. DO NOT charge it fully!

Take the battery out of your electric scooter and recharge it every few months (2 or 3 months is the best).

Finally store you scooter and your battery in dry and clean areas at a temperature no lower than 10° Celsius (50° Fahrenheit).

Of course you can take your moped with you on metros, trains, cars, trams, even on motorbike if you can fix it properly: all Nexity Sonic scooters are certified UL, FCC, CE and RoHS for your safety . 

About shipping with major carriers like DHL, TNT, DPD, UPS, FedEx and USPS, remember that all Nexity Sonic scooter run with Li-Ion batteries, therefore are classified Hazardous mats in Class 9, therefore needing specific symbols on the packaging. That is why we recommend only shipping your scooter in the original packaging, or having it packaged by a professional to ensure it isn't damaged while in transit and it is properly handled.

Flying with an electric scooter (which of course holds a battery) is possible under certain conditions.  First, it cannot be included in checked luggage, never.  Luckily Nexity™️ Sonic allows to release the battery from the moped, making it a manual scooter when loaded into a plane! But still the battery must be brought as part of your carry-on baggage, if it is possible.  This is a strict rule with all domestic and international airlines. 

Per the TSA: "Lithium batteries with more than 100 Watt hours may be allowed in carry-on bags with airline approval. One spare battery, not exceeding 300 Watt hours is permitted in carry-on bags."

Also, per FAA, since the battery pack is over 100 Watt Hours, some airlines will want to inspect the battery before allowing you to proceed through security.

The Nexity™️ X7 Sonic battery is 230 Watt Hours, while the X8 Sonic battery is 460 Watt Hours, so only X7 Sonic battery pack COULD be boarded.

Please double check with your specific airline before bringing it with you to make sure this is acceptable, as rules can frequently change regarding allowable battery sizes. 

In any case is under your complete responsibility to take your Nexity™️ Sonic or not to airplane check-in. For no reason we can be considered responsible of check-in refusal of your Nexity™️ Sonic moped or relevant battery.

You can easily buy genuine spare parts following this link.

The only other places where to buy genune spare parte are the Authorized Online Marketplaces including and or local Dealers who can expose their authentic dealership diploma and Nexity original sticker.

Most of the reparations to a Nexity™️ Sonic scooter is quite easy. For example changing the battery takes just 5’’ because it is designed to be detached with a simple move from the steering column, while any other competitor stores the battery in a secluded and screwed compartment under the footpad.

Anyway, if you do not feel comfortable with DIY reparations, you can deal with any bicycle shop around you: reparations are easy, provided you have genuine spare parts available.